About us?

We’re just a bunch of guys in a Band in Vancouver who like to play rock ‘n roll…

Everything you are about to read is 100% accurate as of May 05, 1995


Michael Waterston

Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

“I think my greatest achievement to date is that time I punched a duck right in its duck face”

On location in Karachi



I play the rhythm guitar parts to the songs and do most of the singing… I mean, shag me backwards, isn’t that kinda implied by what it says above?  No, not the duck, the other thi… JESUS CHRIST!?!?! people wonder why I have anger management issues…




Vito Petrelli

Lead Guitar/Rhythm Vocals

“If music be the food of the soul, Imma ram some nutrition down yo’ throat!!”

After a long day of feeding the masses

I literally do the opposite of the duckpuncher – again it’s quite obvious.  I’m not gonna make a big deal about your lack of perceptive abilities because as you can tell by my picture, I’m a bit more laid back.  If you hear anything in our songs that stands out that you like, it’s probably me…

Lucas Bronsch

Groove Maker, Shit Taker, Funky Monkey, Slappin’ Bass Playin’ Motherfucker

“I’ve been to Calgary… once…”

I like pie

I think I first realized my love of pie back when I was 8… chicken pot pie to be specific.  It was so tantalizingly… yeah I’ve gotta pad this up and use big words to prove to you that unlike every other Bass player, I’m not autistic…  I can play more than root notes, but why try harder than you have to…


Michael Broddy


“If it can be hit with a stick, I’m your man”

Out in the bush

Disclaimer – that quote taken out of context looks horrible… but other Michael is OK with that…

I use a xylophone in my kit, it’s almost as epic as a cowbell, but who am I kidding!  I’m a very complex and mysterious person who enjoys moonlit walks on the beach…

…or do I?!?!?!